Recommended Blogs

Mr Money Mustache: The granddaddy of early retirement blogs, Mr Money Mustache did it first and did it best. He has given me a ton of ideas over the years and has helped countless people, whether they want to retire early or simply improve their finances.

Rockstar Finance: This site is the biggest and best collection of personal finance blogs I know of. If you want to learn absolutely anything about personal finance, there is a blog listed here that can help you.

Doctor of Credit: This guy has forgotten more about credit cards (and bank accounts and deals of all kinds) than most people have ever known. I always refer people to this blog for anything credit card related whether it be churning, general rewards, score information, or just about anything else.

The Stealthy Rich: I’ve personally met this man and his energy level is absolutely absurd. Not only is he kind and extremely engaging, he has truly inspired me with his real estate based journey from financially good to great. While this fellow Houstonian’s blog mostly chronicles his real estate adventures, it also includes some really insightful concepts about finance, motivation, and life itself.