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  1. My New Diet Experiment
  2. The New Checking Account That Will Pay Me $67.50 a Year for a One Time Investment of Ten Minutes
  3. Hello Darkness, My Old “Friend”
  4. Awesome Books I Recommend – 2nd Edition
  5. The Opportunities in Life’s Challenges – Part 2
  6. How to Choose a Car: The Best and Worst Brands
  7. My FIRE Problem and Why It Doesn’t Matter – At Least Not Right Now
  8. My Theory of the Coming Housing Revolution
  9. The Internet Game and How You Can Win It
  10. Today I’m Going to Challenge You
  11. Are You Wasting Hundreds a Year on Car Insurance?
  12. Credit Card Fun – A Couple of Recent Developments
  13. Awesome Books I Recommend
  14. Movies I’ve Enjoyed Recently
  15. Why You Should NEVER Use a Debit Card
  16. Bank Account Basics
  17. New Name!
  18. The Opportunities in Life’s Challenges
  19. A Day of Triumph and Reflection
  20. The Most Important Investment
  21. My $12 Cell Phone Bill
  22. You Can Do Better than a One Sided Relationship
  23. Credit Card Fun
  24. A Happy Night of Insomnia
  25. Happy New Year!
  26. TV Shows I’ve Enjoyed Recently
  27. Take Advantage of the Easy Opportunities
  28. Everyone Is a Business
  29. Introduction