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  1. Humanity's Rapidly Worsening Existential Crisis
  2. How to Take Vacations for Little or Nothing
  3. How I Keep My Utility Expenses Low
  4. How I’m Getting Back on Track After a Few Very Tough Weeks
  5. Just a Quick Monday Morning Reminder: I’m Here to Help!
  6. My Recent Car Episode and How I Could Have Wasted A Lot of Money on Nothing
  7. Sharpening the Saw – Possibly Covey’s Most Underrated Habit
  8. Watch Out for this 401k Trap Later in the Year
  9. Every Step Affects Your Destination So Choose Wisely
  10. How I Keep My Technology Expenses Super Low
  11. A Few More Expenses – Unremarkable, But Still Savings Opportunities
  12. Possibly the Most Unattractive Statement I’ve Ever Heard
  13. What I Learned From the Latest of My Many Car Purchases
  14. Your Life Is Going to Change; What Do You Want It to Look Like When It Does? Part 2
  15. Your Life Is Going to Change; What Do You Want It to Look Like When It Does?
  16. How Much of Your Life Will You Spend Working for Free?
  17. Happy Monday! Here Are a Few of the Things I’ve Been Up To.
  18. The Illusion of Security – Part 2
  19. My Current Storm and the Adjustments I Need to Make
  20. The Illusion of Security – Part 1
  21. Why I Like to Buy Used Cars
  22. This Week, A Little About Time Management, and a Small Change to this Blog
  23. What I Do About Medical Expenses
  24. Why You Want to Make the Big Bucks
  25. Why You Don’t Want to Make the Big Bucks
  26. How I Saved $35 on a Recent Purchase and Some Other Odds and Ends
  27. You Are Much Wealthier Than You Probably Realize – Part 2
  28. You Are Much Wealthier Than You Probably Realize
  29. My Best Efforts to Keep the Insurance Industry From Robbing Me Blind
  30. Sorry For the Lack of Posts This Week
  31. Don’t Be House Poor: How to Tame Housing Expenses
  32. The Most Accessible Thing Jordan Peterson Has Ever Said
  33. What Do You Think of This Book?
  34. What I Spend On Household Expenses and How I Do It
  35. Happy Friday! Sadly, this One is Rather Bittersweet.
  36. Answers to Some Common Questions About the Equifax Data Breach
  37. A Little Good News to Start the Week Off Right
  38. Happy Friday! Here’s Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About Cars.
  39. The Truth About All the Coffee Talk in the Personal Finance World
  40. How Much I Spend on Gifts and How I Do It
  41. Happy Friday – Don’t Forget to Savor Life!
  42. If You’re Feeling Humbled, You’re on a Positive Path
  43. How Much I Spend on Gas and Some Ways to Spend Less
  44. Happy Friday! An Update on My Situation
  45. Some Ways to Make Driving Great Again!
  46. How Much I Spend on Fun Activities and How I Do It
  47. A Couple More Books I Recommend
  48. What I Spend on Restaurants and How I Do It
  49. Would You Like $50 for Doing Almost Nothing?
  50. What I Spend On Groceries and How I Do It
  51. Going Down Swinging…Maybe – A Quick Update on My Situation
  52. What I Spend on Clothes and How I Do It
  53. Happy Friday!
  54. A Walk in the Woods: A New Metaphor I Thought Up During a Difficult Evening
  55. What I Spend on Cash Donations and How I Do It
  56. Happy Friday!
  57. This Is What I Do When Conditions Change and I Start to (Gasp!) Lose Money
  58. How Much I Spend On Auto Maintenance/Repairs and How I Do It
  59. Happy Fantastic Friday (I Wanted to Up the Ante From Last Week)!
  60. This Is How Much I Spend in a Year
  61. Why I’m Not Afraid of the Health Insurance Boogeyman
  62. Happy Friday!
  63. Mint Mobile Update: So Far, This Fox Rox!
  64. Lessons from My Odd, But Mostly Successful Fight Against the Siren Call of Junk Food
  65. Awesome Books I Recommend – 3rd Edition
  66. Living Intentionally: A Much Better Alternative to Both Financial Ruin AND Frugality
  67. Sorry I’ve Been So Quiet
  68. My New $16.94/mo Unlimited Everything Cell Phone Plan
  69. More Ways to Save Money Very Quickly at My Favorite Store
  70. How I’m Learning to Be Excited When Things Don’t Go My Way
  71. 401k and Roth IRA Basics
  72. My 50th Post Spectacular (Yes, That is a Play on the Title of a Simpsons Episode – Yes, From Back When the Show Was Still Worth Watching)
  73. How to Get an Awesome Deal on a New Car
  74. How Do You Respond When Your World Comes Crashing Down (Again)?
  75. My Discussion of Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019)
  76. One Way to Turn $5 Into Meal After Meal
  77. What I’m Doing Now that the Recession is Finally On
  78. The Most Important Blog Post I’ve Ever Read
  79. My Newest Health Boosting Experiments and Why They’re Awesome
  80. My Latest Book Review
  81. Time Restricted Eating Update: There is Definitely Something to This!
  82. I’m Back! And I’ve Brought A Couple of Recent Observations with Me
  83. How to Spend a Fraction of What Most People do on Electronics Without Having to Sacrifice Much
  84. The Lesson I Needed to Learn by Dumping My Best Customer
  85. Welcome Aboard, Jean-Marc!
  86. The Importance of Outlook – How I Still Struggle with the Scarcity Mentality of My Past
  87. How My Favorite Store Can Improve Your Bottom Line AND Your Life
  88. Car Maintenance Basics: Today’s $400 Investment and Why It Was a Great One
  89. This is Why I Say These Things
  90. How I Occasionally Get Over Half the Cost of My Hotel Stays Back in Cash Equivalent Rewards and Why Choice Hotels is the Hotel Brand I Love to Hate (Hint: the two are related)
  91. Stop Ignoring the Opportunities in Your Life!
  92. A Sign of Hope for the Human Race
  93. The Real Reason the Media is Flipping Out About Tax Refunds This Year
  94. Basic Investing: A Roadmap to Getting Started
  95. Buy the Best and Save…Sometimes
  96. My New Diet Experiment
  97. The New Checking Account That Will Pay Me $67.50 a Year for a One Time Investment of Ten Minutes
  98. Hello Darkness, My Old “Friend”
  99. Awesome Books I Recommend – 2nd Edition
  100. The Opportunities in Life’s Challenges – Part 2