Happy New Year, Six Days In! Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

It may be a new year, but this man’s photos are still out of this world amazing! – Image courtesy of Jean-Marc Buytaert

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the first full week of 2020. My goodness, can you believe that? It’s crazy how quickly a single new number in the year can make things feel real. Anyway, some of you may have noticed my lack of posts lately. I know, shame on me. In this case, though, there is a very good reason for it.

My one and only “New Year’s Resolution” is to be at least covering my expenses with business income by the end of 2020, whether or not I actually take the plunge and stop being anyone else’s employee. And no longer being one to sit around planning too long (on account of my getting so old, thanks again 2020), I started a brand new business last month. Unlike my other one, this one is both very capital intensive and has the potential to actually make me a lot of money pretty quickly. However, it has been incredibly time consuming, especially when paired with an already pretty full time job, the holidays, and running another more part time business.

It has also been an absolute roller coaster so far. I’ve had some moments where I wanted nothing more than to go back in time to before I started and just not have done anything (or to simply disappear from the face of the earth so as to not have to deal with the situation another minute). I’ve had some moments of sheer, unadulterated ecstasy. And it hasn’t been unusual to have both extremes happen in the same day. Over the last few days, I realized I had made a terrible mistake, got through the process of admitting it to myself, then to some very important people in my life, and then made a dramatic change to fix everything – with a massive assist from someone who will likely become a big player in the whole thing. At this point, it looks like through both hard work and some extremely good luck, I may be on to something. But only time will tell.

Because I am still employed at my “day job,” I’m not prepared to reveal what I’m doing yet. But suffice it to say that it’s very likely to result in either a very good or very bad outcome. You don’t reach major goals by half-assing something. You have to throw the entire thing into the mix. And that’s what I’ve been doing, often foolishly sacrificing sleep in the process, instead of writing posts on here. However, I’m going to work harder to carve out enough time for at least one post each week (and also to sleep an adequate amount). That will include a couple of year end posts as well as a potentially very impactful update on the situation I talked about in this post, pending what happens in the next few days.

For now, I wish you a great and effective Monday!