A Little Good News to Start the Week Off Right

Football season is fast approaching – more good news!

I decided to skip my latest Annual Expenses post for today and share a little excitement instead. I previously mentioned that my employer let a number of people go recently. That’s not the exciting part, of course. But I had the opportunity to recommend one of my former colleagues to a hiring manager and I was happy to do so. He is a great salesman and a great man as well. And over the weekend, I was thrilled to learn that he wound up taking that job!

It took him less than a month and given how specialized our field is, that’s not bad at all. And while his new opportunity is with a fairly unproven company from the standpoint of people who do what we do, I came away from my conversation with the hiring manager very impressed. The business model is fairly open ended compared to that of my employer and I believe it offers a ton of opportunity. I’m just so happy for my former coworker and his family! I think he is going to absolutely kill it out there. My employer didn’t have the right opportunity in his territory but I really don’t believe it was his fault. I know he worked his ass off nonstop and left no stone unturned. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes for him in the coming months.

This kind of stuff is what life is really all about in my opinion. I was actually feeling pretty down for most of the weekend. But that’s because I was focused on myself and my own problems. A little perspective goes a long way. In this case, I’m not unemployed with a family to support and am in very little danger of losing my job right now. In fact, I just closed a deal that more than doubled my previous best and I have exceeded my previous best quarter’s total in just July alone. Plus, my side business is doing better and better. But all those good things, and many more going on in my life still aren’t enough to keep my spirits up all the time. However, hearing awesome news from someone else is a game changer and in this case, it may have saved my weekend.

As an added bonus, I talked to another of my friends over the weekend and learned he made a big move with his business last week. I’m really proud of him for taking a shot at making a business out of doing something he is truly passionate about and I’m looking forward to hearing more about how that goes as well.

Here’s hoping we can all get some great news like this in the week ahead. Have a great Monday!

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