Mint Mobile Update: So Far, This Fox Rox!

Note the absence of a charger cord, which is very rarely connected!

A couple weeks ago, I switched from Republic Wireless to Mint Mobile, the company with the little green marketing spokesfox. Republic worked out great for me for over four and a half years and I have nothing negative to say about the company…except that it changed its pricing scheme in a way that would have effectively doubled the price for light users like myself when I wanted to upgrade my phone. So when it finally came time to do that, I first did what any financially conscious person would in that situation and re-evaluated the market. It turned out that while it was a price increase of about $5 per month from what I had been paying, Mint still came in about $5 cheaper than the new price Republic would have charged for what I do; and it offered 3gb versus 1 on top of the cheaper price. So I gave it a shot. I wanted to give y’all a quick update on how it has worked out.

So far, there isn’t much to say because Mint has done exactly what it promised to do. In almost half a month, I’ve used just over half a gb of data since I’m on WiFi the vast majority of the time. And to give it a good, fair test, I haven’t made any effort to avoid using data whatsoever beyond setting the phone to use WiFi when available. So unless I use about five times as much data for the remainder of the month as I have in the first half, I won’t hit the point where I start getting throttled. As for quality, everything has been great. Calls are clear, I’ve had zero reception issues or dropped calls (Mint uses the T-Mobile network; Republic uses Sprint), text messages go through, and data speed is more than adequate in the rare circumstances when I need to use it. The setup process was very simple and it took me less than ten minutes from unboxing to having a fully functional new phone.

Being a relative luddite by design, I’ve been predictably thrilled with the upgrade from the Moto X1 to the X4 and with a little bonus I didn’t even anticipate (keep in mind that the X1 was my very first smartphone). I hadn’t realized I would still be able to use my existing phone as a WiFi device. That is a kick ass development since the only real problem I had been having was call related (and even this likely had more to do with Republic Wireless than the phone itself) and being able to continue using it this way for probably at least a few more years is worth much more to me than the few dollars I could have gotten in return for recycling it. Aside from that, I’ve particularly pleased with the X4’s speed, battery life upgrade (I only charge it every other day so far), fingerprint sensor, camera upgrade over the X1, and very fast charging.

The one downside about the phone itself is that the speaker SUCKS for listening to music. But I use a Bluetooth speaker I got on Amazon for ten bucks around my apartment so that’s not a huge deal. The only other annoyance, aside from the dramatically increased phone size that comes with making just about any upgrade these days (Why do they assume we want to carry around laptop sized phones? Or am I the one making an assumption in thinking other people don’t want that just because I don’t?), was having to add a second type of charger (USB-C) and cable to the birds’ nests of them I keep at home, in my travel bag, etc. But everything has its price and that lighting quick charging of my new phone is no exception I suppose.  

Overall, I’m very happy with this change. It sure is awesome when a company delivers on its promises and thus, I’m more than happy to recommend Mint Mobile to anyone! And as always, my recommendation cannot be bought; I’m not being compensated in any way for saying this. Even if you use a lot more data than I do, Mint is still a great option for you at $20 for an 8gb cap and $25 for 12. Happy smartphoning!

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