Awesome Books I Recommend

Reading is a very rewarding aspect of my life. I believe that the day a person stops learning, he begins to lose relevance. Of course there are plenty of ways to learn but with reading, you can expand your knowledge in a very focused manner. You can then integrate this new knowledge into your life in all sorts of ways which will make you a more interesting and capable person. This will translate into a more successful and fulfilling life. Plus, reading a book while you drink coffee in the morning is a wonderful way to get your day off to a great start. Every now and again I will post a quick review of a book I really enjoyed and here is the first one.

The Consuming Instinct by Gad Saad (2011)

Gad Saad has made a name for himself by applying his study of the young, but revolutionary field of evolutionary psychology, to marketing. He also happens to be very adept at explaining very complex concepts so that even someone who is not naturally very scientifically inclined, such as the author of this post, can not only understand them, but feel them come alive. In this book, Saad examines the relationship between consumption and the sum of what we have all had bred into us over the course of human history. The kicker is that he defines consumption very broadly so in the course of the book, he ends up covering a wide range of human behaviors.

This book helped me to understand a lot of what doesn’t appear to make logical sense about the world. For example, junk food exists. It is literally garbage that makes us less healthy and we all know that. And yet we pay our hard earned money to buy it and put it in our bodies, often in ridiculous quantities. If this were a purely logical world, junk food would not be produced at all because there would be no market for it. Once you’ve read this book, you will understand why it happens anyway along with so many other things. Saad also delves into the recently socially dangerous, but ever relevant topic of the differences between the way males and females think and act. Once again, he has very valuable insight and suddenly a whole bevy of behaviors I have observed but never fully understood are starting to make more sense.

This is a book that will really get you thinking and that’s what makes it so valuable. Plenty of scientists could undoubtedly write a book full of concepts that would be worthwhile to learn but difficult for a layperson to understand. This particular book accomplishes the former but bypasses the latter in favor of being very engaging. Simply put, this book is a great teacher and if you read it, you will come away richer for the experience.

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